Rhino Fund Uganda has planned and prepared the ideal conservation and wildlife Volunteer Programme.  This programme has been formulated for young and old alike, wanting to contribute to conservation and experience the work of a rhino ranger.


We offer opportunities for university students to carry out internships or projects for dissertations under the watchful eye and guidance of our Rhino Ecologist Dr Felix Patton.

Our volunteer programme is not a course but an exciting experience that gives individuals the opportunity to complete practical hours, gain knowledge or simply help conserve these magnificent animals while working with our dedicated rangers. A basic outline of each subject is done however the programme is mostly hands on practical work rather than theory.

With the variety of wildlife on our property and amazing staff you will definitely live, laugh and learn. You can download the volunteer handbook and application form using the following links

Volunteer Handbook 2017

Volunteer Forms to Complete 2017

For more information please contact our Executive Director

Volunteer Activities
Volunteer Activities
Volunteer Activities