Meet Our Rhinos

Want to learn more about the 29 rhinos here? Click here to read the amazing stories of our Southern White rhinos, starting with our original six, now all with offspring!

Name a Baby Rhino

Do YOU want to name a baby rhino within the sanctuary? Click here for more information!

Adopt a Rhino

Do you want to adopt and receive their updates? Click here for more information.

Volunteer with Us

With your help, we are able to continue our rhino project. Do you want to be a part of this amazing cause?

Animal Rehabilitation

We don't only help the rhinos! Other animals, reptiles or birds that are injured or abandoned, are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

Our History

Want to know more about us? Find out here.

Birding and Wildlife Activities

As well as on-foot rhino trekking, we also have a variety of wildlife activities. Enjoy a different experience with us! The sanctuary is home to over 300 bird species as well as much wildlife. With experienced guides, you will never forget your time with us.

The Bigger Picture ...
Our Fight Against Poaching

With your help, we can fight the rhino poachers and those that encourage such destructive behaviour.

Click here to understand the dangers all rhinos face.

As we Bank Money Received, We Rely on the Banks to Accept Such Money. Unfortunately the Below are not Accepted in Uganda:

  • USD Notes Older Than 2009 (2008 and Below)
  • USD Notes That are White in Color (Must be Blue)
  • USD Notes That are: Stamped, Written on, Ink Stained, Torn or Faded