We do not only work to re-introduce rhinos into Uganda. We also work on animal rehabilitation; other mammals, reptiles or birds that are injured or abandoned are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. 

It is not only beneficial for the animals, but also to our visitors. Through animal rehabilitation, we are also able to educate more people about the different species found within the sanctuary.

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Our first ever rehabilitated animal, Buckaroo is now around 9 ½ years old. He still comes by to say hi every so often. He is very cheeky and you sometimes have to be careful with him!

Twakie was the resident crested crane around our headquarters. With a broken wing, he could not fly off with his family so he stayed with us. He enjoyed jumping on visitors' cars!

Varkie was rescued after her mother gave birth to her on the middle of the road. The mother was disturbed and abandoned Varkie. Eventually, after waiting till nightfall for the mother to return, the rangers brought Varkie back to be reared, so that she would survive. 

A cheeky and strong female, Varkie was a large presence in Rhino Fund Uganda. She was given to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC / Entebbe Zoo), for educational and breeding purposes and sadly died shortly after.

Garona is the most recent warthog with Rhino Fund Uganda. She, too, is very cheeky and is a big hit on our social media sites! She is currently in the process of being rehabilitated and will be released soon.


Flo is a young female often around our headquarters. She is only around 6 months but is so elegant and graceful as she moves.

Flo was brought to us in March, 2017. She was orphaned and was looked after by some local school children who had found her in the bush! They looked after her in their dormitory before asking us to pick her up and look after Flo if we could. Flo was rehabilitated August 2017 so is getting used to being back in the wild. She is very strong and definitely extremely healthy.