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One of the most sought after birds to be seen in Uganda is the shoebill stork. We are one of the only places that you are almost always guaranteed to see the storks. Our best sighting has been 11 in one trip! Within our swamps, these prehistoric-looking birds are nesting.

An early morning (06H00) shoebill trek and canoe ride through the swamp not only gives you the opportunity to find the shoebill, but also to see the beautiful Ugandan sunrise over Lugogo Swamp. 

Water birds are plentiful and this activity is a must for anyone who loves nature or is interested in birding.

As this activity is so early in the morning, you must stay the night as you are unable to enter the sanctuary before 07H30. For more information on accommodation, visit our Useful Links page.

Recommended time: 06H00 to 10H00

How much time you need: Approximately 4 hours

What you need: Closed shoes, water, long pants and insect repellent