City Tyres Rhino Stampede

GRUEILING, challenging and interesting best describe Saturday's City Tyres Rhino Stampede at On Course Training Site off Entebbe Road.

The event aimed at raising funds for white rhinos. Rhino Fund Uganda was started to re-introduce rhinos in Uganda. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was set up as a breeding ground for white and black rhinos.

Now in its fourth year with City Tyres as the main sponsor, the event has become popular among Ugandans.

The funds will go to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary that increased the white rhinos from four to six.

Sh4.98m was raised from the event. Prizes included a return air ticket for a two to Mombasa, a mobile phone, a 4x4 tyre set, movie tickets, dinner vouchers, free vehicle service and free fuel.

Thrillers like Divorce Derby, Balance Beam, Relay Race, Skills Trial, Mud Trails brought the best out of the participants.

A driver together with a co-driver went through deep and bumpy muddy trails, while balancing a water jar. If water poured out of the jar, one would lose points.

The Rhino Rover, an old, but trusted Range Rover, won the section that wrecked the bumpers and lights of a Land Cruiser VX and a Surf.

Balancing the car on a see-saw for many seconds was equally thrilling. The winner spent six seconds balancing his car.

Though big 4x4 cars were better, small ones like a Suzuki Samurai and Land Rover 90 participated with one, Shane, winning the tough muddy run.

The sprint was also exciting though the narrow road affected those who had wide cars. Richard Kumar and Mick Farmer said the next event would be on the first Saturday of May next year. Other sponsors were Barclays, Kenya Airways, Adrift, Fitness Centre, Auto Point, Savers, Java, City Oil, Nawab, Quality Cuts, Movit, Rwenzori Beverages, Bay Wash, Coca-Cola, Midcom, All Terrain Adventure and AlleyGators.