Work on rhino sanctuary starts

Work on the future rhino sanctuary in Nakasongola district has started.

Rhino Fund Uganda Executive Director Yvonne Verkaik said in a statement, that over 1200 square meters of bush have already been cleared for an airstrip where flown in rhinos, tourists and emergency veterinary will land.

Captain Joe Roy offered the 70sq kms land on his ranch for the rhino sanctuary built as a home breeding of black and white rhinoceros that have been extinct in Uganda for almost two decades.

To prevent the rhinos from being poached, an activity that was the cause for the extinction of Uganda’s white and black rhinos, the reintroduced rhinos will be protected under a solid electric fence.

Since communication will be vital in ensuring that the rhinos are protected from poaching, Wilken Telecommunications Ltd (Uganda chapter) has offered to provide the initial communication gadgets.

Rangers will also be trained in anti-poaching techniques and will intensively patrol the electric fence.

An office has been has been set up at the ranch and accomodation for staff and volunteers is available.

So far there there are two rhinos which were bought in Kenya. Black and white rhinos will be bred there, she said.