Two rhinos born in Nakasongola

According to the executive director of Rhino Fund Uganda, Ange Genade, the baby was born last week.

The mother, 12-year-old Bella, who was taken to the sanctuary in 2004 from Kenya, and the baby are in good health.

Another baby was born yesterday, throwing staff at the sanctuary into celebratory mood. Both babies are female and were fathered by Taleo, who is the dominant male, according to Genade.   

"This puts Uganda’s rhinos way ahead of the rest because their population is increasing. Since June 2009, the number of rhinos at Ziwa rhino sanctuary has doubled by way of natural births," she said.

Genade said plans were underway to secure more rhinos that would contribute to creation of a breeding population of about 15 to 20 rhinos.  

Uganda used to house one of the rarest species of rhinos, the northern white and black rhinos. They, however, became extinct at the peak of poaching that prevailed due to political turmoil in the early 1980s.

Currently, Uganda is breeding the southern white rhinos, which is one of the three species of rhinos.

In 2004, Bella and Taleo from Kenya were the first couple at the sanctuary, but were not of breeding age. Four more rhinos were brought to the sanctuary from South Africa in the same year.