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Please read all the information below.

If you wish to contact us, please click here. For a specific contact on the sanctuary, please click here.



Gate opens at 07H30

Gate closing times: Day visitors at 16H00 and overnight visitors at 18H00 

20 USD will be charged per vehicle for any vehicle entering after 18H00 and for those entering the sanctuary and not partaking in any activity.

Payment is to be made to the ranger escorting you and must be recorded on your entry form at main gate. A receipt will be issued to you in the morning when the Rhino Fund Uganda reception opens.

Late Entry will ONLY be allowed on prior arrangement with the Rhino Fund Uganda Executive Director. Tel : +256 77 271 3410
No entry allowed after 21H00


Please remember, English is NOT Uganda’s National Language.  Your guide will be happy to answer any questions - phrase them as simply as possible.

  • Any road kill is to be reported to Rhino Fund Reception
  • Littering, feeding and touching of animals is strictly prohibited
  • Driving around or bush walks without a guide is strictly prohibited
  • Driving on the sanctuary without a guide after 17H30 is not allowed
  • FIREARMS / DRONES / GPS / PETS are absolutely forbidden - declare at Main Gate
  • No jogging or cycling around

A USD 100 fine is payable for not adhering to any of the above.

Please listen to your guide’s briefing and follow his instructions
Switch off your mobile phone or keep it on silent (NO GPS)
Please do not make noise or quick movements when by the rhinos
Your guide has the authority to withdraw your group from trekking should you or anyone in your group not adhere to the safety precautions


For those staying within the sanctuary, please read and ensure you have understood the guidelines.

Due to all accommodations being in the sanctuary, you must remember there could be rhinos around the rooms at ANY given time.


You must always use a flash light.

Before proceeding to walk at night, shine the flashlight around in all directions to make sure there are no animals close by. If a rhino is seen do not proceed.

Do not approach, feed or try to touch any of the animals and please do not walk too closely near any animals

ALL the wildlife within the sanctuary are wild and unpredictable.


Once escorted to your room at night, please do not leave it unless otherwise pre-arranged with a member of staff.

We are in a sanctuary with wild, unpredictable animals, we do not want to risk anything happening to any of our clients.

Be vigilant when moving around, whether this is on foot or by car or motorcycle.  Move slowly and keep the noise down.

If you get chased while on foot or on a bike, head for the thick bush or big trees.

No jogging or cycling around


Be careful walking around the headquarters areas.

No jogging or cycling around.

When walking after dark, you must report to Radio Control Room for a ranger to escort you to your room.


Directed towards you:

  • A change in behaviour e.g. a resting rhino standing up suddenly or a feeding/moving rhino suddenly stopping and looking towards you with their head up.
  • The ears are pointed towards you.
  • Its head moving slowly from side to side – it is trying to see what the problem is that it has detected.
  • It starts breathing heavily and may make snorting sounds.
  • It pushes the ground with front legs and / or takes a few steps back or forwards.
  • The tail curling up or out straight – the tail does not hang loosely.

Directed at something / someone else:

  • A change in behaviour e.g. a resting rhino standing up suddenly or a feeding/moving rhino suddenly stopping and looking towards a different direction.
  • It appears agitated and makes short, sudden, small movements but stays in the same place.